Health benefits of Almond during pregnancy

 Suitability of almond for expecting mother during pregnancy. Health benefits,nutrition value as well negative side effect of eating almond during pregnancy.

In general, it is healthy for pregnant women to eat almond during pregnancy. However, if you or family members show allergy to almond, you should consult your doctor first. So far, there is no confirmed evidence that almond can cause food allergy in the unborn child.


Almonds contain many essential nutrients that are beneficial for the healthy development of your baby and you.

Nutrition of 100 grams of almond include the following:

  •          600 Kcal of energy
  •          19 grams of protein
  •          50 grams of fat
  •          Vitamin A
  •          Vitamin B1
  •          Vitamin B2
  •          Niacin
  •          Vitamin B6
  •          Folate
  •          Pantothenic acid
  •          Potassium
  •          Calcium
  •          Magnesium
  •          Phosphorus
  •          Iron
  •          Zinc
  •          Copper
  •          Manganese



Detailed benefits of eating Almonds During Pregnancy:

Rich in protein

Almond has high protein content. Protein give expecting mothers enough strength and stamina for delivery.


Good source of fiber

The fiber content present in almonds helps in easy digestion, and regulation of bowels. This in turn helps to prevent constipation during pregnancy. Due to hormonal change during pregnancy, constipation can occur very often to pregnant women. Fiber can help to keep problem at bay.


A good source of vitamin E

The vitamin E content in almonds helps in healthy formation of hair and skin of your baby.



Almond is also rich in calcium. Calcium is essential for the bone development of the baby. It is also essential for development of strong teeth in the baby.


A rich source of manganese

Manganese helps regulate a healthy body weight in both mother and child. It also helps in the formation of strong and healthy bones.


A good source of iron

Almond is rich in iron. Iron is essential for red blood cell formation. It is common for pregnant women to experience anemia during pregnancy. Having enough iron in the diet can help to prevent anemia during pregnancy.



Riboflavin present in almonds helps in cognitive development of your baby. Good amounts of riboflavin also produce adequate energy levels.



Magnesium ensures the proper formation and function of central nervous system in your baby. It also helps in your regular bowel movements.



Folate or Vitamin B9 present in almonds is critical for the healthy formation of brain and central nervous system in your baby. Folate helps to prevent birth defects in the newborns.



Zinc is an important antioxidant which can help expecting mother to prevent attack by free radicals. Free radicals are compounds which can cause damage to the cell.


In summary, almond is very beneficial for the healthy development of your babies as well as for the expecting mother. If you have any concern about allergy, you may want to consult your doctor first before eating almond.


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