Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist Singapore

 Hospital delivery bag:items to bring to hospital for birth delivery.

1. Delivery Bag - For Mother

2. Delivery Bag - For Father

3. Delivery Bag - For Baby

4. Delivery Bag - Toiletry

5. Delivery Bag - Documents

Due to different practices of different hospitals, you may like to check with nurses what common items that will be provided by the hospitals before you pack.


Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - For Mother

- 2 Breast pads

- 3 Bras

- 3 of Front-open button dressing gowns( This is for easy breastfeeding )

- Clothes that mother will wear when going back home

- 3 Underwear (disposable and sanity type will be better)

- Sanitary pads

- Stretch Mark Cream

- Nipple cream

- Bed room slipper or comfortable shoe

- Comb, hair band

- Disposable pantries or daily wear panties

- Mirror

Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - For Father

- Clothing for 3 days and nights

- Camera/ video camera

- Charger for hand pone and camera

- Card reader (You may have lots of things to record)

- Laptop (Optional)

Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - For Baby

- Baby clothes and blanket (some hospital may provide, please check with nurse, but prepare at least 1 for going home)

- 1 pair of mittens and booties (Check with nurse first)

- Wrapping blanket (Check with nurse)

- Baby vests (Check with nurse)

- 1 set of clothes for going back home (Check with nurse)

Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - Toiletries and Others

- Shampoo and body lotion

- Toothes and Toothpaste

- Face towel

- Facial foam

Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - Documents and Administration Related

- ICs of parents

- Marriage Certificate

- Documents or receipts needed to claim Medisave

- A clear folder to put all relevant documents or receipts

For foreigner, the following document may be required if relevant

- Passports of parents

- Entry Permits of parents

- Disembarkation/Embarkation Card of Parents

It takes a village to raise a child !

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