Overview of three stage of normal vaginal delivery

 Overview three stages of vaginal birth deliveryd in Singapore

Normal vaginal delivery is divided into three stages. The duration of each stage will vary and the pain experienced will also be different.

First stage

It starts when the expectant mother experiences the regular uterus contraction which is once in 6 to 7 minutes at the beginning and ends when the cervix is fully open. This stage will last about 12 hours for those expectant mothers having their first babies and about 6 hours for other mothers.

Frequency of uterine contract increases as time goes by and the pain will become more and more intense. The cervix will open further and further and the stage 1 is completed when the cervix is fully dilated to about 10cm.

Second stage

It starts when your cervix is fully open. It will last about 2 hours for the new mothers. For others, it may take about 1 hour. When everything is ready, your doctor will ask you to 'push'.

At this stage, it is very important for you to follow the guide of the doctors. If the doctors ask you to push, then you push. If the doctors ask you to breathe deeply, try to breathe as deeply as possible.

This stage ends when your baby is delivered and your husband, or the doctor will cut the umbilical cord. Yes, you make it!

Third stage

This stage takes about half an hour to complete. There is still uterine contraction which enables the delivery of the placenta, but the contraction does not cause pain. The doctors and assistants will tidy up everything and the mothers are ready to meet their babies.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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