Pregnancy Week 40: Development of the baby and Change to Mother

 Pregnancy week by week: development of the growing fetus and change to expecting mother in pregnancy week 40. Milestone in pregnancy week 40 and preparation for birth delivery.

Development of the baby

1. The fetus has fully developed. His or her body functions are ready for the world outside the womb.

2. Most expectant mothers will give birth by this week. However, it is also normal for labor to be delayed by about two weeks.

3. The placental function begins to degenerate, and amniotic fluid becomes cloudy.

Changes to the mother

1. The expectant mother will have a better appetite this week as the pressure on the stomach has decreased.

2. Urination will become more often due to increasing pressure on the bladder.

3. The expectant mother should set off for delivery immediately once her water breaks. If there is a regular uterine contraction or bloody discharge from the vagina, she should consult her doctor or nurse quickly and get ready for the birth delivery.

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