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GUG Preschool @ Katong

A Gifted Preschool Education For Your Child

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Date: 23 - 28 Sep 2019
Location:30 East Coast Road, Katong V, #03-06. Singapore 428751
28 Sep (Saturday) itinerary:
9:30am:Registration begins
10am - 11am: Guided school tour, "Once Upon A Time" themed Games & Activities
11am - 12pm: Exclusive insight into GUG Preschool's curriculum by our Founder (for parents) & Art Jamming Session (for children)

Pre-Opening Invitation

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A preschool curriculum that focuses on your child's holistic development through early childhood education, gifted education & multiple intelligences. Be one of the first to receive a personalised tour of our brand new campus!

Find out why we are awarded with the

  • Best Preschool & Enrichment Curriculum
  • Best Preschool for Higher Thinking Skills

Our Location

30 East Coast Road, Katong V, #03-06. Singapore 428751

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GUG Preschool's Unique Approach:

The 5-Point Intelligence™ is GUG’s unique approach that encompasses the best teaching practices of (i) Early Childhood Education, (ii) Gifted Education and (iii) Multiple Intelligences Practice.

Backed by 60,000 hours of research and development, and fully supported by Neuroscience, our 5PI approach has been time-tested on more than 15,000 preschoolers in Singapore over 20 years with proven success. The 5PI Curriculum is designed to nurture the 5 Courage Skills in young children. Together, they develop the “whole child with higher order thinking abilities”, and prepares them for even greater learning and achieving.

Courageous       Learning      

Our curriculum’s expansive coverage of thematic subjects helps children achieve content mastery. Consistent exposure to a wide variety of stimulating, effective, play-based and mnemonic techniques help to enhance mastery in retention and learning.

Courageous      Thinking       

Our curriculum helps to develop inquisitive, reflective and critical thinkers. Our students develop analytical and logical thinking skills, and know how to apply them in order to make sense of the world they live in.

Courageous      Innovating     

Providing opportunities for children to develop creative thinking skills. Our curriculum motivates them to be imaginative, explore and take risks to think out of the box. Our students are inspired to innovate and find ways to solve problems.

Courageous Communicating

We place great emphasis on developing strong linguistic intelligence. Supported by GUG’s content-rich readers and workbooks, children become expressive speakers, fluent readers and willing writers who are also competent in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Courageous Cheerleading

From inspiring stories to positive role-playing, our daily lessons and activities help children grow more confident in the way they think and express themselves. They adopt a "Yes I Can" attitude that makes them both respectful and resilient individuals.

Our Programmes

Growing Up Gifted Open House


18 months to 30 months

Multi-sensory discoveries and activities are designed to develop early reading & numeracy skills, logical thinking, creativity and joy for communication. Intermediate Phonics lay the foundation for literacy through actions, rhymes, giggles and fun.

We promote optimal growth with playful rhymes and story drama, science and cooking experiments, music and movement & art and craft.

Growing Up Gifted Open House


3 to 4 years old

Our Nursery programme is richly creative and stimulation, designed to build focus through playful learning and through Intermediate Phonics strategies including award-winning Zoophonics®, Smart Phonics Storybooks and Creating Readers & Writers workbooks.

We extend learning experienced beyond the classroom with exciting off-site adventures!

Growing Up Gifted Open House


5 to 6 years old

In the last lap, we focus strongly on language, reading and writing.

We provide an acclaimed Robotics & Coding STEM programme which develops numeracy proficiency, resilience and critical thinking and promotes clever problem-solving skills. Our highly-efficacy Chinese lessons with exclusive GUG readers and workbooks will prepare your child well for Primary 1.

Parent's Testimonial:

  • Customer Testimonails

    It’s been 6 months since our son has started school at GUG and he has improved by leaps and bounds. He has managed to master the alphabet in less than 4 months and applies the Zoophonics® technique to every word he acquires on a daily basis. His vocabulary bank has expanded greatly, and his self-expression is a wonder to the family. We are all amazed at his knowledge of certain themes which we believe Growing Up Gifted has in place in the structured curriculum. We are truly thankful we chose the right school in embarking our son in the world of fun and interactive learning.

    - Parents of Kashif
  • Customer Testimonails

    Calyss looks forward to going to GUG every morning ? And she would share with me the exciting things that happen in school everyday. Over the 3 years, I have taught her little myself. But to my amazement, she is able to do most of the P1 assessments WITHOUT guidance. This is a strong testament of GUG’s fantastic curriculum.

    -Parents of Calyss Ng (K2)

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