Babies At 10 Months Old: Growth Indicators

 This article explains the growth of ten-month-old babies in their speech and language development, movements or motor skills and emotional and social development.

Speech and Language Development: At ten months, your baby may be able to call you "Mum" or "Dad" intentionally. However, some babies may require two or three more months before they are able to do so, which this is completely normal. If you encourage and give your baby some guidance, he can follow you to utter some simple words like "dog", "car" or "two". Of course, your baby's speech at this time is fast and unclear as he is still learning the language. At this time, you must listen to your baby carefully and respond to whatever he utters.

Movements or motor skills: Your baby at ten months of age has better coordination for the movements of his body, hands, fingers, arms and feet. He can also stand up slowly until his body is fully upright by holding onto a fence or the rails of his bed. At this time, if you hold his hands, he can walk a few steps forward with his little feet. Hand movements are also more delicate and better coordinated and he is skilled in picking up small items or releasing them. If you put him on the staircase, he is able to climb up a few steps.

Emotional and social development: Your baby at ten months of age may pull your clothes to attract your attention. He will also take the initiative to reach out to other kids, but he will show preference towards older kids. From now on, your baby will become more and more self-conscious and may become "disobedient". He starts to find out that you tell him "no" towards touching certain things that may pose danger. However, even if he has understood your command, he will still act in accordance to his own intent. It is suggested that you start to reason with your kid. When you say "no" to him or her, try to explain why you do not allow him to touch certain objects or do certain things.

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