Impetigo and Treatment at home

 impetigo in baby

Impetigo is very common in infants. Arms, armpit, necks are areas that usually affected. Affected area will see blister of different size and the blister will contain transparent or turbid liquid. Skin around the blister may be red. Impetigo is usually a result of infection by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus or hemolytic streptococcus.

Newborn babies can be easily infected as newborns have very tender skin, the stratum corneum is not fully developed and its immunity system is still relatively weak. When the newborns' skin is scratched during washing or clothes changing, it creates the opportunity for the bacterial to invade the skin. Furthermore, neonatal skin fold tends to be wet due to poor ventilation, this provides a good environment for the bacterial to grow.

When your child is infected by impetigo, parents can consider applying 75% alcohol to the affected area and use disinfected cotton swab to wipe off the pus and keep the area dry. If you see too many blisters on baby's body, or the baby is having fever or feels very down, you should seek doctor's help immediately.

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