Infant Girls Mini Period in first week after birth

 newborn hand and foot jitter

It is not uncommon to see vaginal bleeding for newborns within one week after birth. If the amount of blood is not too much, parents should not be worried as it is normal psychological phenomenon for the baby girl. It is called mini period in internet

Mini period occurs due to the transfer of hormones estrogen and progesterone from mother to the baby girl during the last phase of pregnancy. These hormones build up the lining of the uterus. When the baby girl is born, she no longer receives these hormones, so the lining deteriorates and in the end it breaks down and this gives rise to the bleeding in vagina for the newborn girl. For the same reason, you may also see secretion from the baby girl's vagina.

Usually, this occurs in the first few days after birth and it may last up to one week. Parents do not need to worry and it does not need any medical treatment. However, if parent see large amount of blood or bleeding last for more than one week, parents should immediately call the doctor or nurse for help.

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