Infants At 7 Months Old: Growth Indicators

 This article explains the growth of seven-month-old infants in their physical appearance and growth, speech and language development, movements or motor skills and emotional and social development.

Physical appearance and growth: The baby's physical development has slowed down from this month onwards. A baby boy will have a weight if about 6.9 kg to 10.1 kg and a height of about 65 cm to 73.5 cm. A baby girl will have a weight of 6.1 kg to 9.8 kg and a body length in the range of 63 cm to 71.5 cm.

Speech and Language Development: At this month of age, parents should begin to teach their baby a few simple words such as "father", "mother" or some simple syllables such as "rice", "hot", "go" so that he can imitate. Your baby at seven months old is now more skillful in searching for the sources of sounds and can understand the different meanings of words or sentences in different tones. He will also be more sensitive to the sounds of his parents and will try to communicate with them. Even though you may not understand what he is trying to tell you, you should still try to respond to him. At this age, your baby may also make sounds to remind you that he needs to pee or poo, but it is hard for parents to notice at this stage.

Movements or motor skills: The baby will be able to sit upright without any hand support. In addition, your baby may be able to pass a toy from one hand to the other. He will also grab things such as toys around him and shake them like a raffle or throw them around. Although he is not able to stand, with a firm support from the parents or other adults, he is able to stand or jump.

Emotional and social development: Your baby is able to differentiate strangers from those who are close to him. He may be able to remember the faces of 3 or 4 people. Your baby is also able to understand the meaning of some simple words. When adults use a different language, tone and expression to talk to him, he is able to understand whether the adult is expressing appreciation or criticism although he does not understand the full meaning. At this age, your baby will express their emotions in different ways, such as laughing to express his happiness or when he likes certain things and crying to express his anger or when he does not like certain things or people.

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