School Tour: Little Mighty Me @ Punggol

 School Tour: Little Mighty Me @ Punggol
Promotion: For infants enrolled before 31 May 2019, $100 discount per month for first 6 months
Location: 274B, PUNGGOL PLACE, #02 - 816, SINGAPORE 822274
Programme: Infant care and child care
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About Little Mighty Me

Little Mighty Me was set up in 2012 to promote inclusive education with a strong focus on developing a whole child.  We believe that children learn best through hands on experiences and purposeful play where our young ones interact, explore, discover and investigate their surroundings. Through play, children also learn to collaborate and solve problems with their peers, improve their language and enhance their critical thinking skills. This is supported by Vygotsky whom believed that a lot of learning takes place when children play.

Our Ratio

ClassesAge GroupECDA RatioMighty Ratio
Infant Care  2 months to 17 months1 : 5  1 : 3
Playgroup18 months to 30 months1 : 81 : 5
Nursery One3 years old1 : 121 : 7
Nursery Two4 years old1 : 151 : 10
Kindergarten One5 years old1 : 201 : 11
Kindergarten Two6 years old1 : 251 : 12

Our Monthly Fees

Service TypeAgeFee before GST and government subsidy
Infant Full Day2 Months to 1 Year 6 Months$1800
Child Full Day1 Year 6 Months to 6 Years 11 Months$1200

Our Curriculum

About Raffles Kidz

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Inquiry Based Learning

Little Mighty Me adopts an inquiry-based approach in the design of our curriculum. Learning is based on investigation of topics and all activities lead children to find answers to their own questions.  Our integrated programme is conducted in both English and Mandarin and children’s experiences and learning are further enhanced through the Interest Areas that each classroom environment provides. A typical programme in a week at Little Mighty Me consists of integrated indoor and outdoor activities comprising of Language & Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science & Technology and Arts. Our bilingual curriculum places equal emphasis on Mandarin and English

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Phonics: Letterland

We use Letterland is a child-friendly system for teaching children to read, write and spell. It uses abstract letter shapes which are transformed into motivating and engaging pictogram characters. These colourful pictograms provide memory hooks for all the letter shapes and sounds. The friendly Letterlanders also provide strong visual memory and verbal clues to ensure correct letter formation and reduce confusion for similar letters like b/d, p/q or n/u.

About Raffles Kidz

Reader Programme: Oxford Reading Tree

Our little ones engage in the readers programme, Oxford Reading Tree where they get to meet the well-loved characters; Biff, Chip and Kipper. The books in the programme have varied writing styles that give children everything they need to become confident readers. There are also different reading levels that are suited for the different age groups of children. The readers programme begin as early as in Playgroup where the children are introduced to the readers programme with the use of Big Books. As they move on to Nursery and Kindergarten years, they will be guided by our mighty staff in small group and individual reading.

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