Pregnancy Week 30: Development of the baby and Change to Mother

 Pregnancy week by week: development of the growing fetus and change to expecting mother in pregnancy week 30 and milestone in pregnancy week 30

Development of the baby

1. The body length of the baby is around 38cm, and weight is about 1200 grams.

2. Baby is now very active in the womb; this may lead to the formation of a knot in the umbilical cord. If it forms, it can present danger to the baby as it restricts the flow of blood and delivery of nutrition and oxygen to the baby. However, only one in 2,000 babies will have tight knot that could present danger to the baby.

Change to the expectant mother

1. The expectant mother may feel discomfort in the pelvic area due to the growing uterus and weight.

2. Some mothers may feel depressed due to the hormone level increase and the fear of laboring.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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