School Tour of Gummi Smart Kids
School Tour of Gummi Smart Kids
School Tour of Gummi Smart Kids

Exclusive School Tour of GU+MMI Smart Kids

Programme: Child Care Services Only
  • 6 months discount on school fees
  • Free transportation for 1 year
  • Total savings of up to $2,700!
Location: 9 Jln Jarak, Singapore 809173
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About GU+MMI Smart Kids

GU+MMI Smart Kids prepares children for formal education in a fun and engaging way. The school offers an integrated thematic curriculum with a Montessori element. Its program is also bilingual and includes coding and brain-power enrichment for the 21st century learner! With not one but two outdoor spaces, children's explorations are prioritised. The school is housed in a 300sqm terrace that promotes a home-like environment. Teachers work hand-in-hand with parents, relying on the notion that it takes a village to raise a child.

Our Educational Programs

School Tour of Gummi Smart Kids


Your little toddler is busy learning, approaching the world with curiosity and seeking a sense of belonging. Besides teachers directed learning, our toddler program encourages children to learn together and caring for each other.

Toddlers eat meals at tables together and enjoy an open concept playroom with free play and weekly activities that promote exploration and learning. Our children play daily in the outdoor playground, or on days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, they’ll play in our large indoor gym.

School Tour of Gummi Smart Kids


Your precious one is at their most imaginative phase, starts to ask question and becoming talkative. They will develop the ability to speak up to 500 words, answer simple questions, even speaking in sentences of five to six words and beginning to recognise the different shapes, colour and sizes.

This is also the time they start to count and understand the concept of counting.

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School Tour of Gummi Smart Kids


Most children at the age begin to develop greater independence, self-control and creativity. They are content to play with their toys for longer periods of time, are eager to try new things, and when they get frustrated, are better able to express their emotions. Your curious and inquisitive child is better able to carry on a conversation. In addition, your child's vocabulary is growing -- as is his or her thought process. Not only is your child able to answer simple questions easily and logically, but he or she should be able to express feelings better.

They enjoy singing, rhyming, and making up words. They are energetic, silly, and, at times, rowdy and obnoxious.

Parents Say

  • Customer Testimonails

    I will highly recommend Gummi Smart Kids to parents who are considering. Willy is one of the most ethical, kind and best business owner I had ever come across.
    Even though my son was really difficult to handle, and I was also an anxious parent, he was accommodating and patient towards us. He was very understanding and always see how he can help my family & kid settle into school better.
    He & Chermaine went out of the way to constantly ensure that Matthias is happy & settle in well.
    They even invited us for their Christmas party even before we officially started school just to made us feel more welcome.
    I had toured multiple schools as I wanted the best for my kid. And Gummi is hands down the best. The level of service and love for education & kids is commendable.
    I will rather send my kid to a school that truly love children, and care about us parents than just about profits.
    Thank you Willy & Chermaine for providing an exceptional school environment for Matthias.

    Serene Ong - Mother Of Matthias
  • Customer Testimonails

    Meha joined Smart Kids when she was 3. By 5, she was able to communicate in Chinese with our Chinese neighbour, even though she doesn't speak Chinese at home at all. Our neighbour even remarked that she can communicate to her better than her own grandson!.

    Dr Bala - Daddy Of Mehadarsini

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Child Care Services Only (Age 18 Months to 6 years old)

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