Little Sage International Preschool
Little Sage International Preschool

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  • $4,000 savings per year every year on a limited basis
  • 22 Lichi Avenue, Singapore 348796
  • 16 Pemimpin Pl Singapore 576013

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Our Mission

Little Sage International Preschool or 德智(有品德,有智慧)国际幼儿园 equips our young students with the mindset to live a fulfilling and joyful life while building solid foundation to become future leaders and cream of the crop in whatever they choose to pursue anywhere in the world. As a result, they will always be ahead in school and life.

We achieve this via the following:

  • Genuine holistic education
  • Positive attitude towards learning and academic robustness to be more than Primary 1 ready
  • True bilingual immersion
  • Global immersion to realize there is a much bigger world outside of Singapore
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Moral values and character development

Little Sage incorporates some of the best education attributes from around the world. We can customize our lesson plan to the potential of each child due to our low teacher to student ratio. The foundation our students build here will be one-of-a-kind that no other preschool in Singapore can offer.

Our Unrivaled Holistic Curriculum

Little Sage International Preschool
Little Sage International Preschool

Our Experienced and Passionate Team

Children of our management team attend the school, so everything down to the minute detail including hygiene, operations and curriculum is of the highest standards. Our unrivaled holistic curriculum is developed by highly seasoned early-childhood educators from Singapore and those with global teaching experience who also possess long track record of senior leadership experience at multinational corporations. Because they graduated from 3 of the top 4 universities that produce the wealthiest graduates in the world (Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia), they can combine attributes of top academic institutions for our preschoolers. Our Curriculum Adviser was also a former ASEAN scholar from Singapore. Our teachers have a long, proven and consistent track record of preparing children to be more than Primary 1 ready. Little Sage brings together the best of the best the world has to offer and a transformational experience to young children that no other preschool in Singapore can.

1. Thematic Learning using best attributes from around the world

  • Academic robustness
  • Promote substantial class participation and interaction to develop reasoning
  • Nourish confidence, inquisitiveness, critical thinking and lifelong learning

2. Global Immersion

  • Integrating highlights of the world without leaving Singapore to make learning enjoyable and adventurous
  • Children naturally recognize the world is a big place with plenty of opportunities

3. Language Immersion

  • Create a conducive environment for children to be genuinely immersed in English and Chinese to develop equal fluency in both regardless of background

4. Emphasis on developing emotional intelligence (EQ) via SAGE, attributes that all successful people in the world possess

  • Strategize – have a plan before taking action
  • Adapt – adapt to dynamic surroundings
  • Grit – perseverance and passion for achievement
  • Eager – eager to learn and improve

Our Location


16 Pemimpin Place Singapore 576013

Potong Pasir

22 Lichi Avenue, Singapore 348796

What happy parents think about us

"Sending my twins to Little Sage International is by far one of our best decision ever!"

"My Husband and I went to many rounds of school tours, and it was a “no brainer” to sign them up at their 18th month when we hear the young toddlers in all different nationalities and races reciting Tang poetries together! The school focuses on international teaching yet conforming to the education system in Singapore. This is Super relevant in this age to understand the strength and weaknesses of our world giants; US and China and hopefully how our future generations will learn how to work together peacefully. This is the place all parents would love their children to be in!"

"A place where children regardless of countries, or background, come together in a cosmopolitan space and learn and grow!"

"The principal and teachers are really patient and sweet to them! They have successfully merged all children, especially they have 6 pairs of twins in this cohort all together harmoniously."

"Having said all, the costing is very reasonable and we are so super satisfied with the school!"

- Jasmine Teo, Mommy of Joy & Jude

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