MerlionKids Preschool
MerlionKids Preschool
MerlionKids Preschool
MerlionKids Preschool

MerlionKids Preschool

Open now for Registration for Y2020

Exclusive Promotion:
  • To Salute and Thank you All Healthcare Staff for their selfless commitment by pulling their long hours, and many other frontline Singaporeans, we want to show our support and you will be entitled from now till Dec Y2020 monthly fees of $399.00*(terms and conditions apply), First come first serve.

  • Waiver of registration fees
  • Free 2 sets of uniform

*Terms and conditions apply

Contact: 6288 1838 (Kovan)

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Every child deserves the right to a sound education and to be developed into a holistic person in terms of cognitive, creativity, confidence, moral, emotional, social and physical capabilities. Beside these capabilities, development in terms of interest in learning and resilience & perseverance help the child explore new frontiers and to overcome potential challenges faced in the phase of learning and development. As MerlionKids understands that every child is unique and learns in its own way, we provide a set of wholesome learning experiences around every child.

MerlionKids is a Singapore based premier preschool with quality setting who believes in fostering good learning habits, developing good values and character in every child. Our curriculum is science based, alongside play and exploratory based integrated approach to provide a holistic education for our children.

MerlionKids also champions a signature triage of complementary levels: Self-Expression, Self-Regulation and Self-Discovery. They are devised in such a structure so as to support holistic learning for the delicate developing minds of children, in the multiple intelligences of, including: Linguistics, Numeracy, Spatiality, Kinesthetic, the Arts, and Interpersonal, Naturalistic and Intrapersonal proficiencies. our children will develop the executive functions of their brains and self-regulation skills through an integrated Multiple Intelligences approach (Linguistics, Numeracy, Spatiality, Kinesthetic, the Arts, and Interpersonal, Naturalistic and Intrapersonal ) that; stimulates their natural curiosity via exploratory learning, develop their emotional quotient via interactive group projects, encourage creativity through play-based expression learning and teaching civic values through curated curriculum

Our Curriculum

MerlionKids recognises that a growing diversity of children with different cultural, social economic backgrounds may result in very different ways of thinking, learning and behaving. We understand the delicate make-up of the child's mind and that individual learning abilities may vary. Hence, every child is treated individually and is encouraged to learn in an established, carefully planned learning-stimulated environment to develop personal capabilities and character qualities.

The early years phase of education is vital and determines the future development of a child. How well a person connects to the world depends on how well the person interacts with people and its environment. Our language-rich environment provides the importance of such and we strongly believe in the upbringing of our next generation of leaders with a strong head start.

MerlionKids is committed to pursue Excellence and Leadership position in preschool education Asia. Let our children be the beneficiaries of our wisdom and decisions made.

MerlionKids Preschool

Centre Location

Our Address: 38 Poh Huat Crescent, Singapore 546871

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