Symptoms of Pregnancy

 symptoms of pregnancy include late period, spotting, and the most reliable symptom would be morning sickness.

1. Symptom of Pregnancy-Cramping or Spotting

2. Symptom of Pregnancy-Morning Sickness

3. Symptom of Pregnancy-Fatigue/Tiredness

4. Symptom of Pregnancy-A missed period

5. Symptom of Pregnancy-Headache

6. Symptom of Pregnancy-Food cravings or Change of Tastes

7. Symptom of Pregnancy-Darker areola and tender breast

8. Symptom of Pregnancy-Frequent Urination

9. Other Symptoms of Pregnancy

10. Common Questions about Symptom of Pregnancy

Body condition of every woman is unique; this makes the early symptoms of pregnancy for each woman different. Even for the same person, the symptoms of pregnancy will be different for different births.

Most of the symptoms of pregnancy appear due to the hormone level change in pregnant women.

1. Symptom of Pregnancy: Cramping or Spotting

A few days after the sperm fertilized the egg, the fertilized egg will implant itself in the wall of the uterus. This can cause spotting or implantation bleeding. The spotting may or may not be associated with cramp.

Cramps experienced will be similar to menstrual cramps and many women will mistake it as start of their period.

It should be noted, not all pregnant women will experience spotting or cramping in early pregnancy. Furthermore, it is suggested pregnant women should consult doctor as soon as possible if they are confirmed pregnant and there is spotting or cramp experienced. This is because spotting or cramping can also be signs of something serious which needs medical treatment.

2. Symptoms of pregnancy- Morning Sickness

Feeling nauseous is a notorious sign of pregnancy. Different women will experience it with different extent. Some may not feel it at all, but some may be so badly affected that they vomit everything they eat.

Morning sickness or feeling nauseous occurs due to the hormone level change in the women's body.

You can learn about how to alleviate morning sickness here.

3. Symptom of Pregnancy - Fatigue/Tiredness

Feeling tired is another sign of pregnancy and it may last throughout pregnancy. Feeling fatigue can occur at about one week after conception.

Feeling tired during early pregnancy is due to high level of a hormone called progesterone in the body.

For some pregnant women, feeling tired may also be attributed to the lower blood sugar that results from poor appetite.

It should be noted that pregnant women should try to take in sufficient nutrient to support the growth of their babies.

4. Symptom of Pregnancy - A missed period

If your period has been very regular, a missed period may be the first sign that you are pregnant.

It should be noted that a missed period does not mean pregnancy, especially if your period has not been regular in the past.

A missed period may also be due to the sudden weight increase or loss, stress, long-distance travel, too much exercises and birth control pill.

5. Symptom of Pregnancy - Headache

This early sign of pregnancy is also caused by hormone level change in pregnant women.

Other causes of headache during pregnancy include stress. Learn how to alleviate headache during pregnancyhere.

6. Symptom of pregnancy - Food cravings or Change of Tastes

There are some foods that you really like before pregnancy, but now you may not even stand it at all and may vomit if you ever eat it again. For some women, they may crave for certain foods such as sour food when they are pregnant.

Some women also report metallic taste in their mouth in early pregnancy.

7. Symptom of pregnancy - darker areola, tender, swollen and sore breast

After pregnancy, your breasts may become more and tenderer to touch. It is also become larger and swollen.

Areola which is the area around the nipple may also become darker and darker.

Do remember that this symptom of pregnancy is actually similar to signs that indicate the start of your period.

8. Symptom of pregnancy - frequent urination

This symptom only happens at about six weeks after conception. You will notice that you will need to urinate more than often.

Other signs or symptoms of pregnancy

Symptom of pregnancy: Constipation

Due to hormone change that slows down the bowel movement, pregnant women may experience constipation as well.

Symptom of pregnancy: Mood swings

These are common in early pregnancy; it is again due to the change in hormone level in pregnant women.

Symptom of pregnancy: Dizziness or faint

In early pregnancy, dizziness or faint may be due to dilating blood vessels which may lead lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Symptom of pregnancy: Increase in body temperature

Some pregnant women may see an increase in their body temperature in early pregnancy.

Symptom of pregnancy: Sensitive to smell

Some pregnant women may become more sensitive to certain smell such as smell of cigarette, cooking meat or pet smells.

If you have the above signs or symptom of pregnancy, it will be good if you can carry out a pregnancy test using pregnancy test kit or paper. If positive, try to consult a doctor for all necessary checkup to ensure the good health of baby and mother.

Common Questions about Symptom of Pregnancy

Question 1: I am now at my pregnancy week 14 and I do not feel nauseous at all. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes it is normal. Everyone's experience will be different. For morning sickness, some pregnant women are so seriously affected that they feel like vomiting almost everyday; there are also pregnant women, like you, do not feel nauseous at all. Even for same person, the symptom of pregnancy may vary from first child to second child. For first pregnancy, the mother may not be affected by morning sickness or headache, but in second pregnancy, it is possible that the same mother may be affected very seriously.

Question 2: My period has been very regularly in the past and I have missed my period for 2 days, does this mean that I am pregnant?

Answer: It is not 100% sure that you are pregnant. A missed period is an important symptom of pregnancy, but it is not 100% reliable as other factors such as sudden weight gain or weight loss, long-distance travelling or over-exercising can all delay your period. If you take birth control pill, pill can make your period disappear or delay it. Hence, the best way to confirm pregnancy is to carry out a pregnancy test when your period is due.

Question 3: Is white vaginal discharge a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer: White vaginal discharge can be a symptom of pregnancy. For many women, the vaginal discharge before pregnancy may be so little that they do not notice it. After pregnancy, due to increased blood flow to the uterus and surrounding area, vaginal discharge for pregnant women will usually increase. Hence, vaginal discharge can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Question 4: Is cold a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer: After pregnancy, pregnant women's immunisation system is not strong, this make them very vulnerable to virus that can cause cold. Many women therefore can nasal congestion, stuffy nose or sinus problem after pregnancy. Hence, getting cold can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Do take note that you should not take any over-the-counter medicine for cold once you are confirmed pregnant.

Question 5: Positive test but got my period? i took a pregnacy test and it said positve or im not sure because one line was clear to see and the other a bit blurry but anyways I got my period too; so I am not sure if im pregnant or not? help anyone

It is better for you to go to doctor's clinic to confirm. If your pregnancy test result is reliable and you still have your period, it can imply that you have a miscarriage. Hence, it is best for you to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Question 6: Is fatigue a sign of pregnancy?

Answer: Yes, fatigue is a symptom of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar, this makes make pregnant women feel sleepy.

You may want to check period or pregnancy if you are confusing about signs of pregnancy and period.

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